Shore Assist Systems

The SEA FROST SHORE ASSIST systems are made to maintain the boat's ice box at set temperature when the boat is at the dock. Shore Assist systems operate independently of the Engine Drive. Temperature is set by a thermostat. Ducted air cooling is offered on the smaller models. All systems are rated for tropical conditions. When the boat is left unattended, air cooling offers reliability over water cooling, which could be stopped by weeds and flotsam restricting the water intake.

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Shore Assist 1

The SA-1 is fitted to a single block or a single holdover plate. Air cooling is ducted to allow installation in a confined space.

Shore Assist 2

The SA-II is used in multiple plate series system. Air cooling is ducted to allow installation in a confined space.

Shore Assist 3

The SA-III is the largest capacity Shore Assist system. It is water cooled to maintain a compact size and to allow installation in a confined area. It is used with multiple plate systems and is standard with a twin valve system. The SA-III should be considered over an SA-II in a boat with a generator, as the rate of cooling is faster and greater benefit will result from generator operation.

Shore Assist 4

  SA1 SA2 SA3 SA4
1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2
110 220 110 220 110 220 110  
Amp Draw (Run)
1.75 .9 3.00 1.5 5.5 2.75 7  
Locked Rotor
7.5 3.75 28 14 30 15 42  
Air Cooled Air Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled
134a 134a 134a 404a
Condensing Unit Weight
30 lbs 36 lbs 38 lbs  
12-1/2" 15-3/4" 14-1/2" 14-1/2"
14-1/2" 14-1/2" 14-1/2" 14-1/2"
7-1/2" 7-1/2" 7-1/2" 7-1/2"

Shore Assist Systems are available in either 110-Volt or 220-Volt.